BBQ Joints

With the start of spring, and the weather and grills around the nation heating up, I thought it’d be appropriate to start a list of places with really great BBQ.

  • Gorilla BBQ ( Really good BBQ sauce. Like, kind of smoky, subtly tangy, finger-licking good. Had seen this place on the way to Montara, and finally stopped by. Ordered the baby back ribs (a la carte was $6.28, including tax). Biggest complaint – only got 4 ribs plus a small container of BBQ sauce – not the best deal, but very tasty. If there is a next time, I might get a meal (meat + 2 sides + corn bread+ beans/rice, for $11.25 before tax). Apparently, Guy Fieri and the Triple-D crew visited as well. First/last visited: April 4, 2010.
  • Everett and Jones ( East Bay mainstay. Don’t think it’s as good as Gorilla BBQ, but it’s more reasonable price-wise. Last visited: December 2009.
  • Dinosaur BBQ ( Plan to stop by here one of the next times I’m in New York. Heard great things about it. On the list.

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