Sushi Restaurants

Didn’t try sushi until college, but I have slowly grown to appreciate the flavor and texture of it. It all starts with a fresh and high-quality fish.

  • Mikuni Sushi: Stopped by Sacramento on the way to Tahoe because one of my friends who attended school in the area knew of this restaurant. Really great sushi rolls – probably the best deal in terms of quality and price, and I think even better than Sushi House. Main drawback is that all their locations are far, and there’s a good chance it will be very crowded. Last visited: January 2011.
  • Sushi House: When I first tried their Lion King and Bay Scallop rolls, with their slightly sweet Japanese-mayonnaise sauce, I couldn’t wait to go back. Now it seems lots of restaurants have copied them, but I still like to go back to the original every now and then. Last visited: Sometime in 2009.
  • Okina: One of Nagi’s favorite sushi restaurants. Very small space (maybe 6 at the counter and four small tables), but really fresh sushi. Definitely recommend sitting at the counter and making reservations. The sushi chef (and perhaps owner) and a lady run the place. Really homey feel. Last visited: December 2007.

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