Seared Ahi Tuna

Simple, yummy and potentially healthy! About a month ago, while shopping for the essentials at Costco (read: t.p.), I made a mental note about the ahi tuna, as I passed the seafood section. At $16.99/lb., give or take, it seemed like a good price for fresh, wild-caught ahi tuna steaks. So, the next time I went to Costco, I came home with about one-and-a-half pounds and gathered up the troops for some deliciousness.

-1.5 pounds of ahi tuna steak (serves about 4)
-Montreal Steak Seasoning
-optional: Wasabi powder, soy sauce, sesame oil, lime

It’s okay, but not necessary, to marinate the tuna steak about an hour or so before cooking, soaking it in a little bit of soy sauce, sesame oil and some salt and pepper. Alternatively, right before cooking, I just coated the outside of the tuna steaks (divided into four portions) with the Montreal Steak Seasoning, and little bit more of the salt and pepper.

Then, I heated some vegetable oil in our grill pan over medium-high heat, and then added the tuna steaks, all four at once. I seared each of the top and bottom sides on the pan for about a minute and a half, and then turned the heat down to low, and then seared each of the remaining sides for just a few seconds each, before removing from the pan.

The result should be a medium-rare tuna steak lightly seared all around, but still pink inside.

Previously Made:
-Thursday, May 26, 2011:  Served the tuna with some rice and some lightly-cooked rainbow chard (cooked with some garlic). It was delicious! I think some citrus (lime juice) might have been nice, but I’ll save that for next time. To mark the upcoming start of summer, we also had fresh corn on the cob, roasted directly on the oven racks at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. Appropriately, we watched Food Inc. later that night.

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