Marinating Chicken with Yogurt: Mediterranean Edition

Last year, I marinated some chicken with yogurt and Indian-tasting  spices (e.g., cumin, tumeric, coriander, red or cayenne pepper, ground ginger), and the meat turned out really tasty and tender. Since then, I’ve been wanting to experiment again with marinating chicken in yogurt. Something about being rewarded for planning ahead appeals to me. When I was left with a small amount of TJ’s French Village yogurt – not enough to constitute an entire breakfast by itself, but not so little that I would add it to another meal – I had the perfect opportunity.

Using the yogurt container itself, I added the following spices in there: some freshly sliced ginger pieces, honey (for some sweetness), curry powder (make sure not to overdo it, since the tumeric in the curry mixture can overpower the rest of the flavors), some more cumin and paprika, salt and pepper, some fresh mint leaves and some fresh lemon juice.

After that, I added the raw boneless and skinless chicken thighs to the container, put the cap on, shook it all around, and then let the chicken marinate overnight, until I cooked it in a pan the following evening. As I hoped, the chicken turned out to be just as tasty and tender as the last time I used yogurt to marinate.

To make it a complete meal, I cut the chicken into smaller pieces, and ate it inside of a whole wheat pita. To go along with the chicken and the pita, and to make it somewhat of a Mediterranean-style meal, I also chopped some English hothouse cucumbers and some fresh tomatoes into cubes, bought some organic hummus (perhaps next time I’ll also try it with some tahini) and sauteed some red onions and cabbage in the chicken juices. It turned out quite nice, and it cost less than $15 total for four meal.

Previously Made:
-Monday, June 27, 2011

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