Chicken, Potato and Baby Bok Choy Stew

It’s been a while, but I had made this dish quite a few times before and I wanted to note it down before I forgot how to do it. Maybe because it’s been a while, but out of all the times I’ve made this dish, today’s was probably the worst. Still, it’s a relatively robust dish and can take some misjudgments and cooking errors with the best of them.

-Boneless and skinless chicken thighs (about 1.5-2 lbs.)
-Small red or gold potatoes (do not use the big Russet potatoes or the like – this was my most crucial error once; that, and overcooking it to a mush) (~1 lb.)
-1 large yellow onion (I used a white onion today, the cheapest, but next time I’ll go for yellow)
-Baby bok choy (about 3-4 bunches)
-Fresh ginger pieces
-Optional: garlic and shallots

-Cooking wine
-Soy sauce (about 1:1 with the water, perhaps slightly more water)
-Oyster sauce as needed
-Fresh-cracked peppercorn

Heat up some oil with garlic and shallots in a wok over high heat, and then cook the chicken thighs with the onions and ginger. When almost done, add a little bit of dry cooking wine. After that, add the sauce, enough so the liquid covers a little more than half of the dish.

Then, add the potatoes, lower the heat and cover the pot to simmer. When the potatoes are almost done, then add the bok choy and tofu. When the bok choy and tofu are done, then add oyster sauce and pepper as needed. Serve with rice.

Previously Made:
-Sunday, October 2, 2011: turned out great, ate with rice. This was the day before Quitting Day for SOC.
-Wednesday, July 6, 2011: use small red potatoes next time! also, don’t overcook the potatoes! also, don’t add too much cooking wine!
-At least a handful of other times previously

Referenced Sources:
-Nagy showed the way.

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