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July Meals

July 21: Steak and caprese.

July 14: Dinner with guest R. to see Isle of Dogs

Melissa Clark’s harissa chicken

Asparagus (

Cauliflower rice

July 7 weekend:

Farro grain bowl with cilantro cream dressing (1 bunch of cilantro, Greek yogurt, garlic, olive oil, lime juice, salt, pepper), black beans, romaine lettuce, sweet corn, etc.

Tuna Pasta Salad

photo (32)

I made this out of the blue over the weekend after we had our typical green smoothie breakfast (more on this later) and spent some time walking around junk stores trying to find crap for our place while I simultaneously ate all the M&Ms I had in my purse. Continue reading


photo (28)

Last weekend, we bought a basil plant. Continue reading

(Amazing) Ham Soup

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My cooking generally turns out fine, nothing mind-blowing.  Just pretty good for a regular day.  BUT this ham soup turned out AMAZING, there’s no getting around it.   I used the remains of a honey/sugar-glazed ham from Thanksgiving, and it was the best use of leftovers, like, ever.  I advise making as much of this amazing soup as possible because it goes really fast.  I ended up making it twice because it was so good and nobody got enough.  Plus, it isn’t often one has a ham lying around just clamoring to be used. Continue reading

Cauliflower Soup

This soup was inspired by the fact that the refrigerator is broken and I wanted to use up the produce before it goes.  Los Angeles weather has been bipolar but I had both a cold and a head of cauliflower, and I had recently seen a recipe for cauliflower leek soup on this awesome blog.  Soup it was. Continue reading

Dongchimi Guksu (White Radish Kimchi with Noodles)

Dongchimi is a mild form of kimchi made from giant white radishes (pictured below) pickled in a briny, watery broth.  I just discovered on Wikipedia that the northern regions of Korea are known for dongchimi, which is traditionally made in the winter when white radishes are in season. Continue reading

Vengeful Spinach-Artichoke Dip

So back in college, people used to try to steal my boyfriends all the time.  They were almost always unsuccessful.  That’s beside the point, but I didn’t want anyone to worry about it.

Anyway, the source of this recipe can best be described as stolen from someone who was trying to steal my boyfriend.  This occurred in Santa Cruz, where my friends and I rented a cabin for a long weekend and did a little cooking.  There are many stories I could tell from that weekend, but the best one is that I got The. Best. Spinach-Artichoke Dip. Ever. out of it. Continue reading