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Asian Green Beans and Kale Chips

Dungeness crab season recently started, so there was no better idea than for the Potrero crew to get together for a meal of crab, garlic noodles and other PPQ-inspired dishes — and some other delights (like bacon-wrapped mochi) — on a day that started out quite blustery and ended up being quite nice (and us gleefully drenched in champagne). To help the cause, S and I brought the sides of greens (Asian green beans and kale chips) and a giant bottle of this year’s Anchor Steam Christmas and New Year’s Ale.

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Superbowl Sunday Guacamole

An old standby for parties and it does not require too much effort to make. Apparently, the name of the dish is derived from the Aztec words meaning “avocado sauce,” which is basically what guacamole is.

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Vengeful Spinach-Artichoke Dip

So back in college, people used to try to steal my boyfriends all the time.  They were almost always unsuccessful.  That’s beside the point, but I didn’t want anyone to worry about it.

Anyway, the source of this recipe can best be described as stolen from someone who was trying to steal my boyfriend.  This occurred in Santa Cruz, where my friends and I rented a cabin for a long weekend and did a little cooking.  There are many stories I could tell from that weekend, but the best one is that I got The. Best. Spinach-Artichoke Dip. Ever. out of it. Continue reading

Potrero Progressives: Shrimp-Stuffed Deviled Eggs and Mushroom “Caviar” on Toast Points

I think all of us suffer from our own form of haji, i.e. the inability to have people over at your house without stuffing them full of food, notwithstanding the 3 courses that will follow.

So I made deviled eggs, a relatively new discovery for me.  Until I became friends with Eric and Stacy, I’m not sure I ever ate a deviled egg in my life.  The shrimp-stuffed ones in New Orleans were simply ridiculous.  I also considered my recent obsession with mushrooms and made a little minced bite on toast.

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Good day, sir, I believe the title speaks for itself. I say good day! To translate: we had a Sunday Dinner (on a Monday), and it seemed like dumplings would be a nice thing to eat and make.

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