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How to Cook a Steak (a work in progress)

Although I’m trying to limit my consumption of animal proteins to a moderate amount, I enjoy the occasional steak. One of my ongoing goals is to cook a medium-rare steak consistently, using the stove-top and oven. So far, I’ve achieved medium and rare, but not yet in-between, so this still remains an elusive achievement.

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Simple Marinara Sauce

While living in New York, my roommate’s visiting mom made a marinara sauce that was delightful and memorable in how light and bright it tasted, relying primarily on the sweetness of the tomatoes themselves and the rich texture of the olive oil for flavor. While very simple, that was a very memorable meal and the best marinara sauce I’ve ever had.

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Roasted Squash and Winter Vegetables

Roasted Squash

We were hosting family for a Christmas Eve dinner, and we needed to make some dishes that would taste good without having meat and garlic/onions as ingredients. This dish fit the bill and let the natural sweetness of the winter vegetables provide the flavor.

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Versailles-Inspired Cuban-Style Garlic Chicken

After yesterday’s meal, there was a lot of yellow rice left, but nothing else left-over to go with it. So, I decided to make my own version of Versailles‘ “#6 Famoso Pollo Versailles” (Famous Garlic Chicken).

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Lemon/Lime Cilantro Chicken

At the BBQ my roommate KC hosted a couple weeks ago, his friend marinated and grilled some chicken that turned out quite well. Since I had a handful of lemons and some cilantro on hand, I tried to recreate the magic, or at least approximate it.
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Dongchimi Guksu (White Radish Kimchi with Noodles)

Dongchimi is a mild form of kimchi made from giant white radishes (pictured below) pickled in a briny, watery broth.  I just discovered on Wikipedia that the northern regions of Korea are known for dongchimi, which is traditionally made in the winter when white radishes are in season. Continue reading

Chicken Tikka Masala

When I was an undergrad, I discovered the joys of chicken tikka masala for the first time. The somewhat sweet, tangy buttery sauce, along with some warm naan and basmalti rice, filled me up without draining my wallet. Although I see now that the Indian restaurant that I once thought of as an exotic, hole-in-the-wall treat is actually a spartan, dingy looking dump, the food there continues to be solid, for the most part. Anyway, I last cooked this dish over a year ago and I was craving it recently, so I thought it was due time I made it again.

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I Saw a Talking Meatloaf

Even though I didn’t grow up eating it, I had been wanting to make meatloaf ever since I was re-introduced to it a few years back, probably at a comfort-food type establishment and probably with some nice gravy. I especially like that the dish looks and tastes like it sounds: meat + loaf. No mincing words there.

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Bucatini all’Amatriciana

Of the five attachments on my pasta extruder, the only one I hadn’t used was the bucatini one. So, on a cold, windy night, what better than to pair a nice freshly-made bucatini with a traditional, slightly spicy amatriciana sauce?

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