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Seared Ahi Tuna

Simple, yummy and potentially healthy! About a month ago, while shopping for the essentials at Costco (read: t.p.), I made a mental note about the ahi tuna, as I passed the seafood section. At $16.99/lb., give or take, it seemed like a good price for fresh, wild-caught ahi tuna steaks. So, the next time I went to Costco, I came home with about one-and-a-half pounds and gathered up the troops for some deliciousness.

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Making Chicken Broth

Just when you thought that Costco chickens couldn’t possibly be a better deal than they already were ($4.99 for a whole roasted chicken), wistfully looking at the picked-clean chicken bones before you and remembering the delicious meal you just had, you suddenly get the bright idea to use those bones to make delicious, home-made chicken broth. Tasty and cost effective!
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