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Asian Green Beans and Kale Chips

Dungeness crab season recently started, so there was no better idea than for the Potrero crew to get together for a meal of crab, garlic noodles and other PPQ-inspired dishes — and some other delights (like bacon-wrapped mochi) — on a day that started out quite blustery and ended up being quite nice (and us gleefully drenched in champagne). To help the cause, S and I brought the sides of greens (Asian green beans and kale chips) and a giant bottle of this year’s Anchor Steam Christmas and New Year’s Ale.

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Quitting Time: Sauteed Garlic Green Beans and Corn

To go with the rib-eye steak, I also made a side of sautéed green beans (also known by fancy types as “haricots verts”) with fresh corn. Apparently, the steakhouse Morton’s has a similar dish (but without the corn).

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