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Curried Chicken Fruit Salad

Lots of chopping involved, but this refreshing and healthy-tasting dish is worth it. Goes great with pita bread and hummus for a Mediterranean-feeling dish.

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Marinating Chicken with Yogurt: Mediterranean Edition

Last year, I marinated some chicken with yogurt and Indian-tasting ┬áspices (e.g., cumin, tumeric, coriander, red or cayenne pepper, ground ginger), and the meat turned out really tasty and tender. Since then, I’ve been wanting to experiment again with marinating chicken in yogurt. Something about being rewarded for planning ahead appeals to me. When I was left with a small amount of TJ’s French Village yogurt – not enough to constitute an entire breakfast by itself, but not so little that I would add it to another meal – I had the perfect opportunity.

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