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Tuna Pasta Salad

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I made this out of the blue over the weekend after we had our typical green smoothie breakfast (more on this later) and spent some time walking around junk stores trying to find crap for our place while I simultaneously ate all the M&Ms I had in my purse. Continue reading


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Last weekend, we bought a basil plant. Continue reading

Potrero Progressives: Homemade Pasta

I discovered and bought this bad boy¬†from Craigslist, in anticipation of this weekend’s upcoming Potrero Progressive Dinner. It was a decent price at $30 (even though I found out later that it was on clearance at $20 and then discontinued altogether at Williams Sonoma earlier this year). I tested it out last night, so as HLY put it, we don’t all “go home with a doggie bag of indigestion.” It does take more work than going to TJs and paying $0.99 for a pound of dry pasta, but the results made it worth it, particularly for a special occasion.

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Linguine with Clams

One of my roommates made this dish back in the day in Philly and I finally made it for S, after mentioning it a few times. It’s a simple but tasty dish, and involves relatively few ingredients.

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Pasta with Pancetta and Asparagus

¬†Back from my travels, I wanted to get back into cooking, so I thought of this as a simple but tasty way to do that. I already had a container of pancetta, purchased from Costco a few months back, so that served as the starting point for recipe inspiration. As usual, most of the shopping was done at the neighborhood’s reliable Trader Joe’s.

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