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Mozzarella Pizza Time (w/ Bacon)

Got back from my dad’s 60th-to-be in Aptos, and was wondering what to eat for lunch and dinner.  As I wandered through the aisles at TJ, I decided on making a quick and delicious pro/mozz sandwich for lunch and on using many of the same ingredients for a pizza later that night.

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Zero Zero

My favorite pizza restaurant in the city right now, thin-crust or otherwise – parking after 6pm is generally ample, the pizza and other food is great, the drinks are on point, and it’s a nice, industry loft space to hang out, particularly from the second floor looking down. Getting a reservation with Open Table on the day-of also isn’t particularly difficult, especially during the workweek. By now, I’ve been at least five times, so it’s about time I jotted some thoughts down about Zero Zero.
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What a delicious idea! Who wouldn’t want a self-contained meal featuring a layer of fresh ingredients (typically including cheese and tomato sauce), resting on a bed of circular-shaped thin dough? It’s appropriate for sharing, but why would anyone do that when you can Get Your Own?

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