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Potrero Progressives: Mulled Cider

Mulled cider is the easiest thing in the world for such great returns.  Minimal effort, high impact.  Since our Potrero Progressives all went with the whisky sour, S and I will be enjoying the rest of the cider this evening.
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Potrero Progressives: Shrimp-Stuffed Deviled Eggs and Mushroom “Caviar” on Toast Points

I think all of us suffer from our own form of haji, i.e. the inability to have people over at your house without stuffing them full of food, notwithstanding the 3 courses that will follow.

So I made deviled eggs, a relatively new discovery for me.  Until I became friends with Eric and Stacy, I’m not sure I ever ate a deviled egg in my life.  The shrimp-stuffed ones in New Orleans were simply ridiculous.  I also considered my recent obsession with mushrooms and made a little minced bite on toast.

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Potrero Progressives: Our Finest Sour

Rickhouse makes great mixed drinks, and none better than Our Finest Sour. The cinnamon that tops off the drink also gives it a nice aroma. So, what better drink to start off the Potrero Progressive Dinner than Our Finest Sour?

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Potrero Progressives: Braised Oxtail Ragu

For my contribution to the Potrero Progressive Dinner, I had already decided to make some homemade pasta, so I wanted to top it with something worthy (i.e., something that took as much time to prepare and make). The tail of an ox (a castrated bull) certainly fit the bill, as it is tough at first, but becomes really tender with some slow cooking over a long period of time. And, don’t my friends deserve the finer things in life?
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Potrero Progressives: Homemade Pasta

I discovered and bought this bad boy from Craigslist, in anticipation of this weekend’s upcoming Potrero Progressive Dinner. It was a decent price at $30 (even though I found out later that it was on clearance at $20 and then discontinued altogether at Williams Sonoma earlier this year). I tested it out last night, so as HLY put it, we don’t all “go home with a doggie bag of indigestion.” It does take more work than going to TJs and paying $0.99 for a pound of dry pasta, but the results made it worth it, particularly for a special occasion.

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