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Potrero Progressives: Shrimp-Stuffed Deviled Eggs and Mushroom “Caviar” on Toast Points

I think all of us suffer from our own form of haji, i.e. the inability to have people over at your house without stuffing them full of food, notwithstanding the 3 courses that will follow.

So I made deviled eggs, a relatively new discovery for me.  Until I became friends with Eric and Stacy, I’m not sure I ever ate a deviled egg in my life.  The shrimp-stuffed ones in New Orleans were simply ridiculous.  I also considered my recent obsession with mushrooms and made a little minced bite on toast.

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Good day, sir, I believe the title speaks for itself. I say good day! To translate: we had a Sunday Dinner (on a Monday), and it seemed like dumplings would be a nice thing to eat and make.

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Shrimp and Mushroom Risotto

Had some homemade chicken stock frozen from when I made it a month ago, and I saw that we had some arborio rice handy, so I immediately thought of making some risotto for dinner. I normally use pancetta, prosciutto or some other cured meat, along with asparagus or green peas, but instead I thought of trying something different, and picked up some shrimp and mushrooms from an Asian supermarket on the way back from home.

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