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Bucatini all’Amatriciana

Of the five attachments on my pasta extruder, the only one I hadn’t used was the bucatini one. So, on a cold, windy night, what better than to pair a nice freshly-made bucatini with a traditional, slightly spicy amatriciana sauce?

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Potrero Progressives: Homemade Pasta

I discovered and bought this bad boy¬†from Craigslist, in anticipation of this weekend’s upcoming Potrero Progressive Dinner. It was a decent price at $30 (even though I found out later that it was on clearance at $20 and then discontinued altogether at Williams Sonoma earlier this year). I tested it out last night, so as HLY put it, we don’t all “go home with a doggie bag of indigestion.” It does take more work than going to TJs and paying $0.99 for a pound of dry pasta, but the results made it worth it, particularly for a special occasion.

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